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Welcome to MidwestShutterbug.com

I am an Amateur Photographer, who happens to have a sympathetic set of friends & family. Which is very fortunate, since they pose for free.

I have always been interested in Photography but it is only in recent years that I have taken the time to truly explore the boundaries of my photographic abilities. It seems the more images I take, the more I learn, the less I am impressed with the images I have taken, and the stronger my desire to improve. Talk about a vicous circle

You will view images of those mentioned above, as well as that which has captured my "eye", for whatever reason. Anything from a precocious child, to the way a set of farm implements are scattered upon a field.

Take your time, browse through the images, leave a comment in the Guestbook
and enjoy your stay.

Links to other pages in my website, are to your left. Not all links are active, but those that are not, are there to remind me just what work that I have yet to complete. Check back often, as I will be continually updating this site.

Thank you,                                
Midwest Shutterbug