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Minolta Users Group

This is where all of us Minolta afficianado's get together and discuss all things Minolta. Free Online Club, read it at the site or you can have it delivered to your e-mail client. The depth of photographical knowledge, among the club members is simply staggering.

Icon Publications LTD

David & Shirley Kilpatrick, Publishers. David Kilpatrick is probably one the most knowledgeable persons, photographically, one could ever come across. The sheer breadth of his Photographic Extertise is Impressive and his willingnes to share that Knowledge, freely, is admirable. Alot of very useful imformation, well worth a visit!!

Micheal Bargman Photo Gallery -- A friend's Photography site.

Photozone   --  Want to know how good a lens actually "IS" before you buy it? Nice Lens Review site.

Photodo  --  The accepted Standard for Lens Review Sites.